Cerine scenes

Hey there! Thanks for joining me on this new journey! I'm looking forward to inviting you into the insanity that is my brain! This podcast will be the creative energy that is in my brain. You'll be listening to podcasts about subjects that interest me, like Informed consent in the birthing world, the Canadian medical system, childhood trauma, human trafficking, mythology, books and authors I love, whatever else enters my brain! I LOVE to learn. I love to have my opinions challenged and changed. I love conversation. I have a lineup of guests willing to come have a virtual tea date with me!

We'll discuss the things in their brains! The things that fire their passions. The subjects they want to educate ME about! You'll hear about doula stuff, witchcraft and paganism, childbirth, cryptocurrency, historical romance writing, MMO gaming, human trafficking, trauma and recovery, transitioning from victim to survivor, and many other subjects! Please let me know what you're interested in hearing about!

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