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Oh. So you want to know more about me eh? 
All right! 

Here I am!

My Story

Well, my name is Emily.   I go by Cerine :) 
I love emojis, fun fonts, glitter,  cheese, computer gaming, and my husband (today).  Maybe not in that order!
Oh, and my children, grandchildren, and dog! 


I grew up in the '80s with 2 moms, a brother, surrounded by trauma and hate.  (It was the '80's people!) 
Which lead to me having a morbid sense of humour.  

It's been a hell of a journey to get to where I am today and I love connecting with others who've been through similar things. 
I am constantly on the journey to self-betterment.  I haven't a clue if ANY of the things I try actually work, but I keep growing, I keep trying. 

I also love to hear about things I can try, so keep me informed!

I'm a doula and birth advocate in my area, working as an MoA for the most amazing midwifery office. 

I'm born and raised Canadian. However, I have a deep love for the United States. 


- insert interesting facts here:   I hate writing about myself and will edit this page often ;)